We’re parents. We’re designers.

We’re here to bring more fun to parenthood.

From our family, to yours

Parenthood...What an adventure! As parents, we understand the love, the stress, the mess. Ooh we love watching our kids play, but we also love a clean, mess-free home - How relaxing, right? Finding toys and furnitures that are both eye-pleasing for us, parents, and fun for our kids isn’t easy. This is why we created Coco Village.

As founders, designers and parents, our mission is to design stylish, affordable, high-quality products for cool families with happy children. Welcome home.

Our way

We’re control freaks! From design, to customer care, including manufacturing, marketing and shipping, we manage everything internally. This unusual way of doing direct designer to customer retail allows us to offer you exclusive products at the lowest price possible. We’re in direct
contact, so we can hear your feedback, know what you love
and what you want, and make it happen.

Our commitment

Happy places
Help you create a space where the kids can have fun but also where you feel good in - it’s your house after all!
Cool families
Allow you to take time for yourself, by keeping your little one busy.
Friendly prices
Help you save money, thanks to our direct to customer approach. We spend smart so you can pay less!
Awesome customer service
We offer you the best customer care possible, because we genuinely want you to have more time with your family.

Our values

  • Premium Quality

    Birch, pine, cotton...From toys, to furnitures, including decor & accessories, we choose our materials carefully, so you can enjoy the best quality, at the best price.

  • Inspire Creativity

    We create simple products that foster imagination, stimulate the senses and spark curiosity. Our exclusive designs are minimalist, yet colorful, to keep it fun and allow them to express their personality.

  • Smart Designs

    We don't compromise. Ergonomic, minimalist and fun, our toys and furniture are designed to offer you and your children the best experience. They will look great in your home and keep them busy for hours. Who said you can't have it all?