Coco’s Essentials for the Holidays

Whether we realize it or not, the holidays are already fast approaching! This period of celebrations, as festive as it is, is nonetheless completely crazy! Think of all the preparations, gifts, invitations, enough food for everyone… add a few kids to that and it’s no surprise your head is spinning! But don't worry, Coco Village has thought of you!

Here are Coco's must-haves to make the holiday season even more magical!



A Kitchen at the Height of Toddlers


Small Wooden Play Kitchen

Much of the holiday action takes place around the table and in the kitchen: decorating cookies for Santa, talking around the counter while waiting for supper to be ready, all the delicious food coming out piping hot from the oven, filling the warm atmosphere of the house with their succulent aromas… the little ones don't see any of this, and yet they are the first to marvel at it!

This year, share all those wonderful and magical moments thanks to the Mini Wooden Kitchen. Simple and fun, it allows your curious little one to reproduce the same actions as you and to participate more easily in activities at height!


When Art Comes to the Table 


Many families choose to make a children's table at holiday dinners. The adults can discuss more easily while the little ones are having fun together. Nevertheless, once the meal has been swallowed, the children are looking for something to do!
Coco Village's Washable Coloring Tablecloth then becomes a cute and creative addition to place on their table! Thus, they will be able to draw on it throughout the evening!

You'll love their amusing patterns and fun themes.

Psst! There is even one created especially for Christmas!

A Space Specially Designed for Playing



A good trick to ensure a pleasant evening for the guests and fun for the children is to provide a play area for the children. Thus, the noise and the action is localized to a specific place, and the children tend to disorganize less! Coco Village has an array of cute reversible playmats that are just perfect! Children can sit comfortably there to play. In addition, it is an effective way to delimit the space and the children will have an easier time respecting these space limits!


At the end of the evening, it's also much better to collect all the toys, and then avoid oversights that could cause a few tears the next day!


With these three little additions, you can make a big difference! After all, the important thing is to spend quality time with those you love. Get ready now to fully enjoy the present moment then!

And above all, from the entire Coco Village team, happy holidays!