Celebrate Baby's First Christmas with These Great Gift Ideas

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas


A baby's first Christmas is always magical! It's the time of year when anything becomes possible. 


For happy parents, parents-to-be, and loved ones who can't wait to meet the newest addition to the family, it's a moment filled with wonder. Every instant is a first time, every second is part of an unforgettable memory. 


Through the preparations, decorations, cooking, shopping and gatherings that follow one another, the holiday madness can sometimes make you dizzy! We believe, however, that there are simple ways to survive the frenzy! 



Simplicity First 


Simple and affordable, silicone toys are essential for babies and that's why they are such great gifts! They greatly contributes to the motor development as well as the coordination of infant.


This first exploration for babies will help them discover the world around them, and it is through their senses that they will learn about shapes, colors and textures. We immediately think of classic and timeless models such as sets of balls, textured balls and silicone shapes. 


Teether Balls

Set of 2 Silicone Teething Balls

Sensory Balls

Montessori Sensory Balls

Silicone Shapes

Set of 4 Silicone Shape Sorters


However, Coco Village also offers a wide variety of cute stackable silicone toys, including flowers, stars, cars, and even a rocket


Plus, all these toys are safe and comfortable for the baby, who can put them in their mouth without danger. 


Silicone Stackable Flowers

Set of 6 Silicone Stackable Flowers

Silicone Stackable Cars

Silicone Stackable Cars

Silicone stackable Rocket

Silicone Rocket Stacking Toys



The Classics 


There are toys that just never go out of style! Some toys have certainly accompanied your childhood, and children still love them so much to this day!
For example, the activity cube is an exceptional gift for a little jack-of-all-trades, who can explore the sense of touch and improve their fine motor skills. Music boxes are also a good idea. They will lull baby's sleep and pass through the trials of time, turning into a sweet memory to keep over the years. 



Combine business with pleasure  


Babies' motor development is essential and many items can positively contribute to motor skills. Plus, a lot of parents greatly appreciate receiving practical gifts. 


For tummy time, Coco Village offers cozy cotton and linen playmats. All that remains is to combine it with an arch and add small toys to entertain baby. And when they start to move with more confidence and as their desire for freedom grows, the activity walker will be perfect to help him take his very first steps! 


The Coco Village Party Guide has great gift ideas for toddlers. Thus, it becomes easier to focus on what realy matters in this festive season. No hassle, just happiness for you and baby... and that's not too far from a Christmas miracle!