Mother's Day 2021 - 3 Foundations We Support

Elevating Mother figures goes beyond verbal acknowledgment and giving back to the community is something we, at Coco Village, highly value.

We believe in equal access to food, shelter, birth rights, and more. A few days ago we asked for your help to launch our Mother’s Day campaign by sending in your short testimony about what being a Mother figure means to you. First, we’d like to thank everyone who has participated so far, the response has been incredibly heartwarming! Every testimony is being matched with a dollar amount, up to $5000, to then be donated in cash and product value (to the choice of the organization).

We have a special place in our hearts for single parents, so this year we chose organisations that cater to Mother figures specifically, in a variety of ways.



This Montreal based foundation is all about empowering single mothers to ensure they can create a better life for themselves and their children, continuing their journey on the right foot with proper support.

Arguably, housing difficulties is possibly one of the biggest stress factor after food. By offering subsidized housing (allowing up to 30 transitional apartment spaces at 25% of their income), this helps single moms focus on building other areas of their life.


With a total of 80 spots available in the Early Childhood Centre located on site, they prioritize children from families living within the quarters of Mère Avec Pouvoir allowing mamas to go to work. Educators and educational consultants make sure to have daily contact with the parent to ensure their favourable development.


Group activities (helping break isolation) is offered, as well as individual support from a complete network available to provide ressources and expertise to these single parent families.


How can Coco Village help?


Mères Avec Pouvoir recently renovated their rest area as well as their activity room and requested our products as a contribution to their organisation. We’re proud to donate toys and furniture to be benefited by the resident families on site, and bring joy to those who come in contact with them.


Recently expanding digitally across Canada to bring the community together, Mamas For Mamas website beautifully quotes ‘’Together we are working to change the systems that contribute to the vicious cycle of poverty, mental health issues, housing and food insecurity’’, and we couldn’t agree more with this vision. They also highlight the importance for them to welcome not only single mamas, but all caregivers of any gender identity.


Through their free shop, the Karma Market, families can pick up necessary items such as diapers, clothes, formula, furniture and more.


A variety of programs are available to help build mamas to eventually break the cycle they are in and thrive. Some examples would be the At-Risk Comprehension Program which provides individual support from a social worker to identify barriers, in order to help low income and struggling caregivers have access to basic needs. The Sustainable Nourishment Program provides a box of fresh food for the month to families in need, with additional egg coupons and emergency grocery gift cards available as well.



How can Coco Village help?


Mamas For Mamas is extremely transparent with how their funds are distributed - being on their website for everyone to look over. We’re happy that a monetary donation can make a difference by aiding the programs run as well as stocking the Karma Market for more families to benefit from!






The founder of Single Moms Planet, Neferteri Plessy, recognized that at least 30% of single parent households (lead by women) live under the poverty line in the united States. Learning this brought her to build an organisation to combat this : through education.


Their vision is to bring hope and accountability with concrete actions supporting single mamas in building their dream life. They do so through financial literacy, mentorship, family counselling and more. Among these actions, entrepreneurial training and financial literacy programs help single parent families thrive with the support, ressources and community they come in contact with through Single Moms Planet.


This organisation is all about women empowerment, life breakthroughs and succeeding professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Single moms can attend guest speaking events, book a clarity call and download the Reclaim Your Life playbook to aid in their journey! It doesn’t only stop with the parent, they also cater to the child’s development with the Children Enrichment Program, making space for much needed interactive family bonding, which can often be sacrificed when focusing on making ends meet. Co-parenting masterminds provide tools for successful co-parenting relationships which the entire family can benefit from.


How can Coco Village help?


The programs, facilities and activities require a certain level of funding that we are honoured to be a part of! The cash donation being offered to Single Moms Planet will ensure more mothers have access to these ressources and obtain the support they need to steer their life in the direction they dream of.


We admire the work of these organisations and are grateful of being able to contribute in making an impact in the lives of various Mother figures. Thank you for joining us in this beautiful project, allowing us to donate in your name to foundations in the heart of single-parents’ lives!