Balance Boards - Features and Benefits

Imaginary Land


Almost every family has an anecdote that goes like this: “After unwrapping their gifts, they spent all the evening playing with the boxes!”
Because kids love to use their imagination!
Imagination is big, it's powerful!
Peter Pan and the lost boys were literally feeding on it and mixed with a little fairy powder, it even allowed you to fly! Well, we don't have the contact of Tinker Bell and I don't believe that imaginary colorful buffets are recommended by Canada's food guide, BUT we do have the ideal toy to stimulate your little one's imagination!


Balance Board


There's a reason why our balance board is one of our most popular items.This curved wooden plank has a really simplistic look, yet multiple uses. Minimalist and versatile, it can be used as a swing, a bridge, a rocking chair and even a running track ... let the little one's creativity decide!

Suitable for all ages, the board stimulates and develops children's motor skills, including a sense of balance, agility and strength. In short, it is a must! Even adults like to try it as the weight limit is up to 200 pounds, so go nuts!

It can be used for more active games and moments of relaxation too.Your child can sit comfortably in the curve, rocking slightly watching a movie or listening to a story or go crazy and swing upright, invert and jump over it, pass under it, etc.



Photo : @lovemilanmarie


Oh! And if the idea of your kid happily «going crazy» on this board pleases you, but you get chills just imagining the board rubbing on your beautiful wooden floors or you can already hear the neighbour complain, no problem !! A version with felt is available to be very gentle on your floors and your neighbors without altering the pleasure of your little ones! And it adds a very pleasant pop of color!







As adults, we often set everything up for kids around us. Which is not a bad thing, but it is also important to participate in stimulating their creativity. Giving them unstructured gear, like our balance board, is a good way to do this. Let them discover the object, play with the material and it won't be long before the ideas will start to popping up!

Stimulating their creative side also means helping them develop their identity and turn them into adults who have ideas and defend them. As parents, let's create these opportunities. Let's give their ideas a chance to emerge and see where it goes. For example, one evening instead of reading a story, why not make one up as a family. The result does not even have to be "beautiful", because a story told a little awkwardly by mom or dad will be for sure very appreciated by your little ones, we promise!


Photo : @sthelittlest3

Have a nice trip to Neverland!